What We Offer

Online Solutions

Avril Fortuin Training Services offers two types of products – SmartSkills and BizSkills. A wide range of skills development short courses is categorized under these products on the Akwaaba Mobile Learning platform. These courses can be studied as stand-alone and or combined courses specifically designed to help individuals towards employment and personal success.




The soft skills we believe are foundational to achieve personal success. The soft skills include a series of courses that focus on personal growth and development.


These courses are specifically designed for individuals to gain technical/hard skills to develop to grow skills in specialized career areas.

Face-to-Face Training

Course Benefits

The course material is structured considers the various learning styles, age and education levels, and cultural sensitivity. Some benefits include:

 Paced learning

You can access content and download it anytime and anywhere on your mobile device. If you are on the train, bus or waiting for an appointment you can make effective use of your time reading through the content you downloaded and have the real benefit of learning at your own pace.

Pay as you go

If you limited access to the internet and little data, you now can use a cost-effective way to learn. Once the content is downloaded you can turn off your data and access the modules offline. Also, you only pay for one course at a time if you have a stringent budget.


The training is results-based with specific outcomes. Each module aims for you to gain relevant practical skills which you can use daily in your personal and business life. You have the opportunity to refer back to your notes as you apply the concepts. Your performance will be measured by quizzes and assessments. Though performance reports is a good metrics, applying what you have learned is critical to your success. 

Peer learning

The Akwaaba Mobile Learning platform is designed for peer interaction and support. On the platform, you can ask facilitators for assistance and clarity on any of the learning material. In addition, Whatsapp now offers a place for ongoing and follow-up on content.