Who We Are

Making an Impact

It is our belief that African youth need to be engaged involved in gainful employment and become part of the engine of economic growth and job creation. In doing so, they will provide greater livelihood security to their families, impact their communities, add value to the benefit of all.

Our purpose is to use engaging and digitized content that is aimed at providing the relevant skills and knowledge that will improve suitability for employment and capacity for entrepreneurship.

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Company Overview

Avril Fortuin Training Services (AFTS) provides a range of mobile learning courses through its Akwaaba Mobile Learning platform.

Young people who find it difficult to get a job due to lack of skills, now have an opportunity to improve their chances of employment.

Access to engaging content on mobile devices online and offline makes it easier than ever to gain new skills.


To help youth improve their personal and professional skills through affordable mobile learning courses so that they can take positive steps towards their employment and entrepreneurial dreams.

Core Values

  • Consistency in the delivery of quality services and products
  • Character in developing trust, respect, and value for stakeholders and partners
  • Creativity demonstrate efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence
  • Commit to recognize and share in the success of employees
  • Create a culture that upholds dignity and rights of all individuals

We want young people (15-35) to bridge the skills gap and get closer to achieving their personal and career goals.

We use engaging and digitized content to help you learn new and relevant skills that will improve your suitability for employment and your capacity for entrepreneurship.

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Marilyn Cape Town, South Africa

"Thanks again u were of great help I couldn't do it without your advice; I learned from the best."

Saiz Akoi Monrovia, Liberia

The skills and knowledge I gained helped me to find employment with an international non-profit organization. I was also able to serve as the Technical Advisor for TVET, Liberia. The training served as a stepping stone for me to complete my Bachelors in Business Administration and currently furthering my studies in a Masters program.

Our Approach

  • Our business solution is to provide affordable, results-focused, mobile learning courses and face-face training specifically designed for African youth to improve their suitability and capacity for employment and entrepreneurship. This blended learning gives youth an opportunity to gain relevant skills, knowledge, and competencies demanded by the job market.

  • Youth not in Employment, Education or Training often just need to “get their foot in the door” so that they can prove their value as an employee. Our mobile courses give youth the personal and professional development skills needed for gainful employment and access to the virtual workforce.

  • Access to affordable, quality, course content on their mobile devices gives young people the opportunity to take control of their personal lives and career paths.

    Experience has taught us that gaining knowledge and skills is not enough to sustain change, therefore participants are encouraged and empowered to live their purpose and fulfill their dreams through our online support. 

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